Redux: Blades in the Dark, Nightmarket Corsairs

Originally posted on Google+ on June 30 2017:

Another custom faction I needed to whip up for my Blades game. Not the best, but I like them.


Pinch-pennies and confidence men to the New Elite of Nightmarket, selling them on cheap knock-offs of the aristocrat experience and pocketing the difference.

Turf: hound track in Nightmarket, speakeasies and drug dens across the district, The Veil social club (HQ), underground dock and lock-up

NPCs: Master Vreen (Dagger Isles con-man, smooth, well-dressed, slippery), Rolan Volaris (Tycherosi barback, horned, in-the-know), Lady Uliana (Dagger Isles money-handler, book-smart, impatient, detailed).

Notable Assets: real and expertly forged licenses and permits for their businesses, expert guard hounds, grifters and salesmen bringing in clients and investors, street-gangs well-paid for their loyalty, a pair of gorgeous automobiles, a magistrate who is well taken care of

Quirks: To have any chance of advancement in the Corsairs, one must be Dagger-born; as such, the gang’s business is exclusively overseen by Sons and Daughters of the Isle, and those whose loyalty is so unimpeachable that they have undergone “the blooding” to join the family.

Allies: Citizens of Nightmarket, Gondoliers

Enemies: The Hive, Inspectors, Red Sashes

Situation: Master Vreen knows how to part fools from their money, and there is nothing if not an excess of fools flooding Nightmarket these days. He has used his silver tongue and the business savvy of his partner, Uliana, to build up a profitable organization scattered across the district, with one rule: the only people you can count on hail from the Dagger Isles. Currently, Vreen is up to his neck in the hound track he’s running: so far so good, skimming off the top of every bet and rigging the races, but his investors are getting tetchy. He’ll need to placate them soon.

• Draw in new investors to pay off the old ones – 4 (repeating)
• Prime marks to buy-in for “the Race of the Century” – 12

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