Redux: Legacy – Starfall

Originally posted to Google+ in September 2017:

Trying out a one-on-one game of Legacy with a friend of mine! Pretty excited about it!

We’ve created an alien world that in the Before was terraformed into something livable and earth-like, until “The Stars of the Creators” made planetfall (aka ancient space stations and satellites fell out of the sky). Now, thanks to their sturdy construction and near-limitless futuristic power supplies, wherever these “stars” embed themselves in the world, microcosms are terraformed and made livable, while the expanses in between are “The Shimmer” — dead, prismatic alien sands and atmosphereless, black starry sky that must be navigated in winter clothes and atmospheric helmets.

These livable, terraformed bubbles are the result of the advanced life sciences of the Creators: weather control, atmosphere generation, gene manipulation. Examples of this miraculous tech can be found throughout the wasteland in the form of bioprinters and transmats, rain machines and solar cells, genelocked facilities, vehicles, and weapons. They’re not the only product, however: communities of Uplifted (they prefer to be called Cybrids) dot the Homeland, products of the Creators’ ancient agenda — as do the Chimaera, misshapen and feral genetic aberrations created by the heavily-damaged Fallen Stars.

We’re going with a sort of “post-medieval+” technology level, like something out of Ghibli or Final Fantasy. The default look of things is tunics and swords and shields and farming and carts, but the families are already rediscovering the sciences, maths, and technology of the renaissance, so the tech is leaning forward from the Middle Ages. The “+” in this case are the things like flatbed trucks that peasant communities use to transport their goods, the commlinks that can communicate anywhere within a mile or so of a Fallen Star, or the futuristic lamps that illuminate the communities after dark.

My friend chose to play the Uplifted Children of Mankind, called the Children of Loki. From their Before, Fall, Threat and Family History choices I created the Inheritors of the Garden-Star (in control of most Creatortech) Covenant of World-Made-Flesh (human-centric zealots) and Skyblotters’ Wake (intelligent carrion bird barbarians) as Factions to pad things out. He is going to take the Envoy out for a spin for our first Age, so we’ll see how that goes.


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