Redux: Tiny Monsters, Go! Salamandrip

Originally posted on Google+ on July 24 2016:

Like +Tim Franzke, I started using +Ben Wray‘s and +Chris Stone-Bush‘s Tiny Monsters Go! game. I’m playing the Blue Version, specifically! Right now I’ve got it synced up to game prep and game design stuff — things I enjoy but get overwhelmed by easily. I sat down and knocked out all of my Fate prep for my Star Trek game today, so I went ahead and caught myself my first TinyMon!

Salamandrip (Water, Lizard, Tentacles)

It’s tails are used to propel this Tiny Monster against the current so it can catch whatever bugs and small fish are being swept away. The cleft in it tails can also be used to store water for when it goes ashore or extended periods. You will often find Salamandrips sprawled in the shade, their tails unfurled overhead and dripping water over their backs to stay cool and hydrated.

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