Redux: Check your own Hashtag, Custom Move

Originally posted to Google+ in July of 2017:

I’ve got a story arc going on where public perception of the team is as complicated as its ever been and I’m having fun playing around with a custom move that emphasizes the caprice of popularity and the fragility of teenage egos.

When you check your own hashtag to see what people have to say about you, roll+superior.

On a hit, the wholesome memes are me gusta: hold 1 Fan, and spend it at any time for sudden, reasonable civilian assistance.

On a 10+, both of these are true; on a 7-9, choose one:
The shitposting is fine… you’re fine. Don’t immediately give Influence to “The Internet.”
Untag me thx. You’re informed of a lead or opportunity relevant to your heroic identity.

On a miss, you start typing. Why are you typing. Don’t do that. Don’t post that. Why did you post that? Immediately give Influence to “The Internet,” and the GM holds 1 Hatefollow that can be spent at any time to unexpectedly complicate a civilian interaction.


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