Redux: The Outsiders

Doing a terrible job of keeping up with this blog. Things have been hectic in my everyday life lately, and that seems to be the norm these days. It’s pretty sad, to me, because it feels like I’m slipping more and more into the realm of “putting my hobby away.” It’s scary, too, because I worry about what will be left of Me when these stories and games and time spent with friends stop forming the muscle, bone, and fat of who I am. Besides this creative expression, I’m not sure how much else I’ve got. There’s always my ukulele, I guess!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday; speaking of teams, this team of teenage heroes was originally posted to Google+ in May of 2017:

• Seren (Outsider – Heliokinesis),
• Ai (Transformed – Invulnerability, Tech Control, Tech Senses, Shapeshifting),
• Disaster (Delinquent – Psychic Weapons, Gadgets),
• and Devil Child (Protege – Intimidation, Detective Skills)

The artist is @bweweh on Twitter, and

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