Redux: RPG a Day 2017 – Day 3

Originally posted on Google+ in August of 2017:

#RPGaDay2017 – Day 3 – How do you find out about new games?

Oh man, “dur, on G+” is such an obvious answer and it feels so dull; I predict that if I scroll down in my stream I will see everyone I have circled is saying G+.

What are some non-G+ ways I find out about games? Well, there’s some “rock star” designers I love, who I will occasionally google the heck out of to see what they’re working on. That will usually turn up something new, or something old sometimes!, that I haven’t seen and it will pique my interest.

I also like to read a lot of RPGs for fun, and sometimes I’ll get to the end of one and find a list of inspirational RPGs, and that drives to search out more stuff. If I remember correctly, I think this is how I found Lacuna, because it’s in the back of Don’t Rest Your Head. Oddly enough, even though DRYH is Evil Hat, the first time I heard of Fate was actually in Houses of the Blooded. The indie cross-pollination of ideas is honestly where I first found a lot of the games I now love.

[EDIT: …I know I found Burning Wheel just because it’s written in the back of Apocalypse World, if I remember correctly. The “inspirations” list is such a good place for game-hunting…]

I also find RPGs from my friends and players, who find things and share them with me when I ask them what they’re into these days. I’m sure they learn about them on G+, but I learned about it from them! It’s different, honest!

And for a twist: TV Tropes! TV Tropes has a pretty extensive listing of role-playing games, divided up alphabetically and by genre. Sometimes I’ll hit up TVT for a game I know, and see that it shares a genre with something else with a catchy name and then away I go.

So, in the end: all over the place. I am flooded with game-finding options.

But not Twitter, because somehow my feed became full incredibly drab gamers who think no one should make games anymore because we have enough and I’ve got no time for that kind of boredom.

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