Redux: RPG a Day 2017 – Day 5

Originally published on Google+ in August of 2017:

#RPGaDay2017 – 5 – What cover best captures the spirit of the game?

I discovered I had a ton of thoughts about covers this morning while responding to this hashtag on twitter. I can’t pick one, so I went nuts.

Godbound captures the violence and futility of the war for ultimate divine power.

Masks captures colorful, dynamic, heroics and friendship.

Burning Wheel looks like an actual fantasy novel, meant to sit alongside Tolkien or LeGuin or similarly meaningful literary fantasy.

Blue Rose brings its three cool setting things front and center: feminism, in the queen; polytheism, in the hart; equality, in the ennobling scepter.

Monsterhearts centers non-conforming characters on its cover, and showcases emotional vulnerability and volatility.

Nobilis highlights the Mysterious Sphinx sculpture, foreshadowing the anthropomorphization of concepts, and broadcasting that the game is all about riddles: how do you play it, how do you solve impossible problems.

Don’t Rest Your Head’s three colors and arrangements call to mind exhaustion, madness, and Pain dice — the core mechanics — and the way the black bleeds into the face’s hair and shadows implies the fate-worse-than-death of the game: the transformation into a nightmare.


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