Redux: RPG a Day 2017 – Day 7

Originally posted on Google+ in August of 2017:

#RPGaDay2017 – Day 7 – What was your most impactful RPG session?

The game was Monsterhearts. To describe it in detail would be to open a door to a very private, very intimate sequence of scenes. The significant details are an NPC, a PC who did not deserve their love, the NPCs death, and the PC giving up a perfect life to bring that NPC back. It was one of the final scenes in the final session we played, the conclusion to months and months of interaction with this fun and cherished NPC. The PC was a proper terrible teenager, and the NPC regularly suffered for their selfish ways. When — in a crime of passion at the hands of another NPC the protagonist had slighted — the NPC died, all of the PC’s sins collapsed into a single point of fuckery that ended with them finally making a mature decision. No one at the table was okay, everyone was crying, we had to stop the game and recover before continuing.

There’s no real way to convey it without having been there, but suffice to say Monsterhearts can leave you surprisingly emotionally vulnerable to the chaos of the story.

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