Redux: Heavenly Sword Technique

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2016:

HEAVENLY SWORD (Lost Technique)
Cost: 1 Refresh, Great (+4) Physique and Chi or higher, and an Aspect like “Immortal of Zu Mountain”
Effect: You are able to conjure one of the great immortal weapons — in this case the Heavenly Sword, a prismatic spray of smoking projectiles that obey your will and strike at a distance. You may use Fight in place of Shoot to attack and create advantages up to 2 zones away, in combination with your other Kung Fu forms. The Heavenly Sword possesses Weapon:3 and is capable of injuring demons and spirits that would be unaffected by mortal weapons. Other great immortal weapons exist that function similarly, such as the Thunder Sword, although their appearance differs.”

This LT is much more straightforward than my Transmutation one, and takes a little inspiration from Mountain-Shattering Shout and Saint’s Palm. In this case, the Refresh nabs the “Fight in place of Shoot” stunt; I set the Physique and Chi requirement above that of a starting character and I throw in a Weapon Rating of 3. It’s more powerful than one Stunt but not as powerful as 2, so I’m willing to go with it. Thinking about it some more, I require the master of this LT to be connected to Immortals somehow via an Aspect (which I think helps with the WR:3) and I throw in “this weapon can affect stuff unaffected by weapons” to round things out.

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