Redux: Trollhunters as Monster of the Week

Originally posted to Google+ in March 2017:

Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters on Netflix (a wonderful show that is for adults as much as, or more than, kids) is a Monster of the Week campaign. The MC is going with a unified campaign theme of “trolls” and brings in goblins, gnomes, changelings, and some creatures of her own creation that fit the aesthetic. The MC builds out a whole mythology involving a Bridge to the Darklands, and dark trolls called Gumgums, and more.

The MC bows to player pressure and let’s them play trolls trying to save trollkind from Gumgums and three players take her up on this. Maybe they borrow moves from the Monstrous, maybe the MC writes a few custom moves. But bam, three are Trolls.

Jim is, obviously, the Chosen, with his mystical amulet and sword of daylight. He has a destiny and he’s got to fulfill it. Probably rocking the tags “A Normal Life,” “The Champion,” “Nemesis,” and “Loss of Loved Ones.”

His best friend Toby could be a Sidekick, but probably makes a better Mundane with his dentist appointments and love of food and becoming besties with Aaargh.

Blinky is an Expert, with all his know-how and training, and always knowing how and where to get mystical doodads to help Jim out.

Aaargh is 100% a Monstrous. He’s big, tough, powerful, has sworn himself to be a pacifist, and has a dark secret backstory that is kept under wraps for half the first story arc.

Drall feels, to me, like a Wronged. His father was the previous Trollhunter, was killed, and he wants revenge. He’s been training for years to be the next Trollhunter, only for Jim to take up that mantle, and he’s bitter about it. His enemy is Jim’s nemesis, and he wants to tear him to pieces.

Claire, at the close of the first arc, looks like she is sliding into the Sidekick playbook. She’s got a mean left and right hook, and she’s ready to be a back-to-back badass with Jim if necessary!

Trollhunters is an awesome show is what I’m saying.

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