Redux: Ukulele & Me

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2015. I’m actually still on the ukulele train. I’m really loving it, and it’s wild to look back at stuff I was “slowly working on” and know they’re things I’ve more or less got down pat, now:

I’m learning to play ukulele!

Progress tracker:
I know some chords! Pretty much instinctively I know how to finger C F E and A Major, A minor and A7, Bb and Bb Minor, and D. The only string experience I have is a bass I wasn’t great at learning fingerings on.

I can play two songs! I can play the Steven Universe theme (baby steps right?) and Ingrid Michaelson’s “You and I.” I’m slowly working on 21pilot’s “House of Gold” and Izzy’s “Over the Rainbow.”

I’m having a lot of fun. Its hard. My fingers hurt. I’m having a blast and a half doing this.


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