Redux: Inherit the Earth

Originally posted to Google+ in December 2016:

Inspirations: Nier Automata, Wall-E, 9, Battlestar Galactica’s Final Five, Blade Runner’s replicants, the Omnic Crisis of Overwatch, the survivor’s guilt of the FreakAngels webcomic

I’m jamming real hard right now on the idea of an Apocalypse World where rogue AIs have wiped out the majority of humanity, and our PCs are life-like androids living among the unknowing last holdouts of a human enclave.

The choice of playbooks imply how the PCs are adjusting to their new lives/living with their sins.

The maelstrom becomes a global nanite network hooked into master AIs who are totes wanting to finish the extermination job — something plenty creepy about a sophisticated living computer hacking human minds… Implies something like a super advanced pre-fall golden age or something, which is pretty fun.

Make up some custom moves for…
…jacking directly into the hard drives of fallen AI drones or “old school” leftover tech and the dangers thereof;
…maybe take that “bullets and fuel” move and apply it to batteries to drive some robo scavenging;
…something involving painfully oversized robotic terrors because the Neir Automata/Omnic Crisis love is real with this one.

This would plug in easily to the walkingsuit rules from 1e and give them a straightforward place in the setting. Some playbooks work in especially interesting ways with this setup.

Just some idle apocalypse thoughts.

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