Redux: When you Wild Cast, Custom Move

Originally posted to Google+ in July of 2016:

Our Wizard is bound by tendrils of magic, and wanted to know the odds that he could get off a magic missile in the enemy’s face. I said “unlikely,” citing how the Wizard had made a big deal out of the delicate and sweeping hand and arm gestures needed to make a spell, plus the need to use a ritual knife to “cut” the threads of magic free once they had been “woven” into shape. I said, even if you strained and stretched against the bonds, they’re not really set up to provide the freedom of movement for such actions… Unless there’s another way to cast magic?

That’s when he tells me that it is possible to cast spells, without the weaving and cutting… But that it’s not good or safe.

When You Wild Cast, Neither Weaving Nor Cutting The Threads of Magic, roll +Truths from the list below:
• …I take my time
• …I hold my implements
• …My life is at stake
On a hit, you successfully cast a spell you have prepared, expending it from your mind and drawing attention to yourself.

On a 7-9, choose two from below:
• …my cast is petty, having distant repercussions
• …my cast is careless, causing collateral damage
• …my cast is greedy, it draws something through
• …my cast is hungry, it takes something with it
• …my cast is violent, tearing open the weave
• …my cast is painful, isolating me from the weave

On a miss, it’s almost certain that your spell will still go off, but may the Fae have mercy.

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