Fate of the Federation Cast members

Originally posted to Google+ in 2014:

Continuing my Star Trek: Fate of the Federation NPC portraits, I step away from my reoccurring Klingon secondary cast and take a jaunt into one-off (for now) characters. This doodle is Captain Carmella al-Hubari, an example of the elusive (in the canon at least) female starship captain.

Captain al-Hubari commands the Saladin-class patrol boat USS Ulysses in her appearance in my group’s first episode The Eye That Maketh Thee Sin. In our game, the Federation is on the brink of war with the Klingon Empire. While many would rather avoid that, not everyone thinks it possible… such as Carmella.

As I imagine her, as I see her, she is a warhawk. She is a “wartime captain,” positioned as a patrol boat captain by the hyper-militarized Starfleet of the beta timeline movies. She is lionhearted — courageous, full of fire and heart and blood — and willing to go to war for her Federation. Doesn’t see how the Klingons and the Federation could live in peace together, but isn’t so afraid of them that she won’t open fire if it protects the innocent citizens of the UFP. She is a mother, and that influences her insofar as being a parent makes one imagine what kind of Quadrant your child will inherit… But the job isn’t about her son; its about the sons and daughters of the hundred billion citizens of the Federation. Her duty will always come before her own feelings.

Another of my Star Trek: Fate of the Federation NPC portraits. This is another Klingon. I mentioned in my previous post that our game, set in the newest quantum universe, is home to traditionally TOS Klingons (flat headed) and the more recognizable Klingons (bumpy headed). The crew deals with both, and they’re very different customers.

This is General Worrok, son of Duhlo. He is a tough customer… He is widely-respected in the Empire, and devoted to it with every fiber of his being, every ounce of blood, every bone in his body. He is a warrior, but more than that he is a conqueror — he is an explorer. He is part Cortéz, he is part Columbus, part Allan Quartermain, he is even part Blackbeard.

Worrok is the Klingon Kirk — always on the hunt for new worlds, new species, new blood and resources for the growing Klingon Empire. He is decorated, he is a champion, and he is infinitely curious. He is valuable to his people not just as who he is, but as a symbol of Imperial Pride.

Working on NPC portraits for my Star Trek: Fate of the Federation campaign I’ve been running. This is Colonel Q’aeta, commanding officer of the IKS Klaatu in his first run-in with the PC’s. You’ll (maybe) notice that he’s flat-headed — TOS-style. Our game takes place in the quantum universe of the newest movies, and you’ll note that Into Darkness had bumpy-headed Klingons. Clearly both sorts served the Empire during this time… Q’aeta just happens to be a member of the former, clearly.

He is insidious, conniving, and a patriot of the Empire, but he has no qualms with waving the flag of truce — because even while waving, his other hand can still freely draw the blade to slit your throat. There is no victory without honor? Remember: Victory is the greatest honor. His every action justifies itself.

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