Redux: John Wick(ed)

Originally published on Google+ in March 2017:

Been thinking Sorcerer thoughts again lately. Specifically thinking about John Wick as an action-heavy campaign. He could easily fit the model of “a character, a sorcerer, a sorcerer with a kicker” that +Ron Edwards advocates for character creation (a retired assassin, who has Contained his demon guns in the basement, whose last connection to his deceased wife is taken from him). I imagine the other assassins, in this particular reading, would likewise be considered Sorcerers.

I’m thinking about this, because the movie strikes me as falling into the Sorcerer story model of “can you do something good with evil means,” and John is out to punish a shitty, monstrous dude… And is going on a rampage in the process.

I don’t think I have anything deep to say here; I’m just looking at movies and TV and thinking about non-standard inspiration for Sorcerers, or how a setting might resonate with Sorcerer.

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