Redux: The Survey Crew

Originally posted to Google+ in January 2016: Kicked off a new game of Uncharted Worlds last night with one of my local groups, and we had an absolute blast! We gathered at 7, but didn't get to kick off and play until something like 10 -- it turns out that character creation, faction creation, and … Continue reading Redux: The Survey Crew


Redux: Headspace

Originally posted on Google+ in May 2016: Ran a one-shot game of Headspace with my "Playing Games for Girls" crew last night. Character creation took longer than I would have liked, but we wound up with some very cool characters with some nice tangled up backstories.My wife played *Brooklyn, the Runner*. When *Hieronimus, the Infiltrator* … Continue reading Redux: Headspace

Redux: Trollhunters as Monster of the Week

Originally posted to Google+ in March 2017: Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters on Netflix (a wonderful show that is for adults as much as, or more than, kids) is a Monster of the Week campaign. The MC is going with a unified campaign theme of "trolls" and brings in goblins, gnomes, changelings, and some creatures of … Continue reading Redux: Trollhunters as Monster of the Week

Redux: Heavenly Sword Technique

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2016: "HEAVENLY SWORD (Lost Technique)Cost: 1 Refresh, Great (+4) Physique and Chi or higher, and an Aspect like "Immortal of Zu Mountain"Effect: You are able to conjure one of the great immortal weapons -- in this case the Heavenly Sword, a prismatic spray of smoking projectiles that obey your … Continue reading Redux: Heavenly Sword Technique

Redux: The Young Centurions in… Fear of Flying!

Originally posted to Google+ in July of 2018: Ran a game of Young Centurions for my local group today in honor of my dear friend KJoy's birthday. It was specifically a "supercut" game that remixed characters and elements of our other campaigns into one delicious self-indulgent party, at the birthday girl's request. :)We had four … Continue reading Redux: The Young Centurions in… Fear of Flying!

Redux: John Wick(ed)

Originally published on Google+ in March 2017: Been thinking Sorcerer thoughts again lately. Specifically thinking about John Wick as an action-heavy campaign. He could easily fit the model of "a character, a sorcerer, a sorcerer with a kicker" that +Ron Edwards advocates for character creation (a retired assassin, who has Contained his demon guns in … Continue reading Redux: John Wick(ed)

Redux: Blades in the Dark Theme Song

I really loved playing Blades in the Dark, and maybe one day I'll get to return to it. Until then, I'll always have the music put together by one of my amazing players. Originally shared on Google+ in May of 2017: Created by one of my players specifically for our campaign. The final … Continue reading Redux: Blades in the Dark Theme Song