Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master

Two-Step, Sing-Song, Birdy, or Hoodshe doesn't remember her homeland or her people. she scours the land and the skies with only her dead songs to stir the star within her alien heartFeats HeroicGlum: Sing a dirge of solitude and lost memories as your serpentine scarf coils and protectsJovial: Weave loops and patterns with your scarf, … Continue reading Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master

Redux: Asha & Beletsunu

I love the John Carter of Mars series of books. Read them to bits when I first discovered them; I found them online, but couldn't find them in stores or my local library, so I printed out a copy of the first book I found online and for a week I read it on the bus to … Continue reading Redux: Asha & Beletsunu