d20 Modern World Playbook

Circa 2014, over on Google+, I tinkered around with a modern adventure rendition of Dungeon World -- something suitable for adapting d20 Modern over to the Power by the Apocalypse ruleset. The first thing I did was kick around a hypothetical playbook... the Strong HeroName: A down-to-earth name, a short nickname, a fighter’s title, a … Continue reading d20 Modern World Playbook

Strange New Worlds

I, apparently, at one point wrote a World of Dungeons hack meant to mimic Star Trek? This is news to me. In fact I wrote two of them, apparently. There's clearly some Stars Without Number in here. Looks pretty undone to me. *Strange New Worlds*a star trek hack for world of dungeonsby alfred rudzkiroll 2d6 … Continue reading Strange New Worlds