Fate of the Federation Cast members

Originally posted to Google+ in 2014: Continuing my Star Trek: Fate of the Federation NPC portraits, I step away from my reoccurring Klingon secondary cast and take a jaunt into one-off (for now) characters. This doodle is Captain Carmella al-Hubari, an example of the elusive (in the canon at least) female starship captain.Captain al-Hubari commands … Continue reading Fate of the Federation Cast members


Redux: Fate of the Federation

Originally posted to Google+ in September 2014: +Lex Starwalker asked me to talk about my Star Trek series that I'm running. So here's some info in general, on starships, on FAE, on crew, and scenarios.GeneralI'm taking a lot of inspiration from Fate of the Alpha Quadrant, a set of guidelines that have mysteriously vanished from the … Continue reading Redux: Fate of the Federation

Redux: Universal Princesses Dimension Drive!

Originally posted to Google+ in February 2017: Was going to be running an Apocalypse World: Dark Ages play-by-post with some friends. Then everyone got very busy with volunteering, protesting, representative-calling, attending city council meetings, and such and the verdict came down to me that -- given everything they're doing in their regular lives -- they … Continue reading Redux: Universal Princesses Dimension Drive!

Redux: Transfiguration Technique

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2016: "TRANSFIGURATION (Lost Technique)Cost: 1 Refresh, Good (+3) Lore, an Aspect relating to Acupuncture or Internal Alchemy or similarEffect: With hours of work, meditation, and carefully crafted chi exercises, you may roll with Chi to Create a [Cultivated Transformation] Advantage on yourself. This Advantage warps your appearance inside and … Continue reading Redux: Transfiguration Technique

Redux: Heavenly Sword Technique

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2016: "HEAVENLY SWORD (Lost Technique)Cost: 1 Refresh, Great (+4) Physique and Chi or higher, and an Aspect like "Immortal of Zu Mountain"Effect: You are able to conjure one of the great immortal weapons -- in this case the Heavenly Sword, a prismatic spray of smoking projectiles that obey your … Continue reading Redux: Heavenly Sword Technique

Redux: The Young Centurions in… Fear of Flying!

Originally posted to Google+ in July of 2018: Ran a game of Young Centurions for my local group today in honor of my dear friend KJoy's birthday. It was specifically a "supercut" game that remixed characters and elements of our other campaigns into one delicious self-indulgent party, at the birthday girl's request. :)We had four … Continue reading Redux: The Young Centurions in… Fear of Flying!