Swords without Master in… the Desiccated Temple of the Worm!

April 2014, Google+ So last night we joined Snorri, Manyara, Muaphet Ram, and Asha & her lion-sister Beletsunu for what could best be described as a vignette. I talk a lot about the table, and how thing were going between players, below.We were all meant to hang out for a four hour window, but last … Continue reading Swords without Master in… the Desiccated Temple of the Worm!


Swords without Master in… the City of Fire & Coin!

April 2014, Google+ Okay wow, I honestly wasn't expecting Sw/oM to be THAT fun. Like, I figured I'd get a kick out of it... But oh wow holy damn. Ran through City of Fire and Coin, but with only Manyara and Snorri represented (fewer players showed up than expected). Third player joined for the Discovery … Continue reading Swords without Master in… the City of Fire & Coin!

Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master

Two-Step, Sing-Song, Birdy, or Hoodshe doesn't remember her homeland or her people. she scours the land and the skies with only her dead songs to stir the star within her alien heartFeats HeroicGlum: Sing a dirge of solitude and lost memories as your serpentine scarf coils and protectsJovial: Weave loops and patterns with your scarf, … Continue reading Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master

Redux: Stealing Dreams, Lore Phase

In may of 2014 I entered into a Lore Phase with Epidiah Ravachol's Swords without Master over on Google+. Below is my question, and the answers I received from the spirits (internet comments): By what contrivance might a rogue or four abscond with Dreams made Manifest, without the blessing of the Silent Gods?>The Silent Gods need not always … Continue reading Redux: Stealing Dreams, Lore Phase

d20 Modern World Playbook

Circa 2014, over on Google+, I tinkered around with a modern adventure rendition of Dungeon World -- something suitable for adapting d20 Modern over to the Power by the Apocalypse ruleset. The first thing I did was kick around a hypothetical playbook... the Strong HeroName: A down-to-earth name, a short nickname, a fighter’s title, a … Continue reading d20 Modern World Playbook

Fate of the Federation Cast members

Originally posted to Google+ in 2014: Continuing my Star Trek: Fate of the Federation NPC portraits, I step away from my reoccurring Klingon secondary cast and take a jaunt into one-off (for now) characters. This doodle is Captain Carmella al-Hubari, an example of the elusive (in the canon at least) female starship captain.Captain al-Hubari commands … Continue reading Fate of the Federation Cast members

Redux: Fate of the Federation

Originally posted to Google+ in September 2014: +Lex Starwalker asked me to talk about my Star Trek series that I'm running. So here's some info in general, on starships, on FAE, on crew, and scenarios.GeneralI'm taking a lot of inspiration from Fate of the Alpha Quadrant, a set of guidelines that have mysteriously vanished from the … Continue reading Redux: Fate of the Federation