Redux: Transfiguration Technique

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2016: "TRANSFIGURATION (Lost Technique)Cost: 1 Refresh, Good (+3) Lore, an Aspect relating to Acupuncture or Internal Alchemy or similarEffect: With hours of work, meditation, and carefully crafted chi exercises, you may roll with Chi to Create a [Cultivated Transformation] Advantage on yourself. This Advantage warps your appearance inside and … Continue reading Redux: Transfiguration Technique

Redux: Heavenly Sword Technique

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2016: "HEAVENLY SWORD (Lost Technique)Cost: 1 Refresh, Great (+4) Physique and Chi or higher, and an Aspect like "Immortal of Zu Mountain"Effect: You are able to conjure one of the great immortal weapons -- in this case the Heavenly Sword, a prismatic spray of smoking projectiles that obey your … Continue reading Redux: Heavenly Sword Technique