Turtle Form

A Kung Fu element for Tianxia: Blood, Silk, and Jade. Unfinished, clearly.

Alternate Names: Sloth, Beggar

Characterized by zero footwork, putting off action until the very last moment, adherence to the idea that the entirety of one’s attention should be focused on deciphering your opponent’s style – and that broadcasting your own movements is the fastest road to defeat. The Turtle student is attentive and never underestimates their challenger’s attention to detail. Movement is limited, and flourishes are frowned upon – as a result, the Turtle student appears ignorant of the martial arts until the final moment that they unleash a devastating barrage.

Like a Shell amidst Stones: The turtle’s first defense is always that it go unnoticed, unremarked upon, indistinct from the rock upon which it sits. The Turtle Student ensures that their style is impenetrable to the observer. You may roll Deceive in place of Fight to Defend yourself from physical attacks, when concealing your body language.

Turtle Carries its House on its Shoulders: The turtle’s second defense is its shell – its shield – its shelter – that it never goes without. Within one’s sanctuary, one fights the hardest. The Turtle Student makes their body their sanctuary. When you roll for Chi Armor, you gain 1 additional free invocation.

Remember the Snapping Turtle: The turtle’s final defense is its bite – when it cannot hide, when it cannot retreat, it will lash out. Quickly, suddenly, surprising its challenger and making them regret their aggression. When the Turtle student succeeds with style on Defense, they may take inflict a 2 shift hit instead of taking a boost.

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