d20 Modern World Playbook

Circa 2014, over on Google+, I tinkered around with a modern adventure rendition of Dungeon World -- something suitable for adapting d20 Modern over to the Power by the Apocalypse ruleset. The first thing I did was kick around a hypothetical playbook... the Strong HeroName: A down-to-earth name, a short nickname, a fighter’s title, a … Continue reading d20 Modern World Playbook


I have zero recollection of writing this, but it's in my notes? What was it? Write down ten things you'd find there. Write down how five of those don't work like they should. Write down why no one uses it any more. Now pick whatever monsters you want to challenge players. Quick, answer how its … Continue reading Dungeon-making

Redux: Fate of the Federation

Originally posted to Google+ in September 2014: +Lex Starwalker asked me to talk about my Star Trek series that I'm running. So here's some info in general, on starships, on FAE, on crew, and scenarios.GeneralI'm taking a lot of inspiration from Fate of the Alpha Quadrant, a set of guidelines that have mysteriously vanished from the … Continue reading Redux: Fate of the Federation

Redux: Quentin’s Bloody Scabbard

Originally posted to Google+ in December 2013: Quentin's Bloody Scabbard(minor magical item, weight 0)Generations ago, there lived a renowned bard. His stories were irreverent, even crude, and well-known for their graphic content. This adventuresome bard lived a life of over-the-top violence until his dying day, and in that time nothing -- no armor, no magic … Continue reading Redux: Quentin’s Bloody Scabbard

Redux: The Lever, a Compendium Class

Originally posted to Google+ in February 2014: The LeverA compendium classWhen you successfully make off with a load of purloined coins, the next time you level up you may take this move:MastermindWhen you spend time in preparation for an important heist (your call), tell the GM what you're trying to do and roll+INT. On a … Continue reading Redux: The Lever, a Compendium Class