d20 Modern World Playbook

Circa 2014, over on Google+, I tinkered around with a modern adventure rendition of Dungeon World -- something suitable for adapting d20 Modern over to the Power by the Apocalypse ruleset. The first thing I did was kick around a hypothetical playbook... the Strong HeroName: A down-to-earth name, a short nickname, a fighter’s title, a … Continue reading d20 Modern World Playbook


Redux: Fate of the Federation

Originally posted to Google+ in September 2014: +Lex Starwalker asked me to talk about my Star Trek series that I'm running. So here's some info in general, on starships, on FAE, on crew, and scenarios.GeneralI'm taking a lot of inspiration from Fate of the Alpha Quadrant, a set of guidelines that have mysteriously vanished from the … Continue reading Redux: Fate of the Federation

Redux: Quentin’s Bloody Scabbard

Originally posted to Google+ in December 2013: Quentin's Bloody Scabbard(minor magical item, weight 0)Generations ago, there lived a renowned bard. His stories were irreverent, even crude, and well-known for their graphic content. This adventuresome bard lived a life of over-the-top violence until his dying day, and in that time nothing -- no armor, no magic … Continue reading Redux: Quentin’s Bloody Scabbard

Redux: The Lever, a Compendium Class

Originally posted to Google+ in February 2014: The LeverA compendium classWhen you successfully make off with a load of purloined coins, the next time you level up you may take this move:MastermindWhen you spend time in preparation for an important heist (your call), tell the GM what you're trying to do and roll+INT. On a … Continue reading Redux: The Lever, a Compendium Class