Swords without Master in… the Desiccated Temple of the Worm!

April 2014, Google+ So last night we joined Snorri, Manyara, Muaphet Ram, and Asha & her lion-sister Beletsunu for what could best be described as a vignette. I talk a lot about the table, and how thing were going between players, below.We were all meant to hang out for a four hour window, but last … Continue reading Swords without Master in… the Desiccated Temple of the Worm!


Swords without Master in… the City of Fire & Coin!

April 2014, Google+ Okay wow, I honestly wasn't expecting Sw/oM to be THAT fun. Like, I figured I'd get a kick out of it... But oh wow holy damn. Ran through City of Fire and Coin, but with only Manyara and Snorri represented (fewer players showed up than expected). Third player joined for the Discovery … Continue reading Swords without Master in… the City of Fire & Coin!

Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master

Two-Step, Sing-Song, Birdy, or Hoodshe doesn't remember her homeland or her people. she scours the land and the skies with only her dead songs to stir the star within her alien heartFeats HeroicGlum: Sing a dirge of solitude and lost memories as your serpentine scarf coils and protectsJovial: Weave loops and patterns with your scarf, … Continue reading Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master

Redux: Stealing Dreams, Lore Phase

In may of 2014 I entered into a Lore Phase with Epidiah Ravachol's Swords without Master over on Google+. Below is my question, and the answers I received from the spirits (internet comments): By what contrivance might a rogue or four abscond with Dreams made Manifest, without the blessing of the Silent Gods?>The Silent Gods need not always … Continue reading Redux: Stealing Dreams, Lore Phase

Redux: Scouring of the Spirit Wood, Front & Custom Moves

Originally posted to Google+ in December 2014: I just wrapped up a Front now that my first game of Dungeon World has been played.Last we left our protagonists, they were fleeing into the Spirit Wood on druid-elkback to escape the Kobold/Lizard-folk legion that had taken Fort Ironwood on the Orc/Halfling border.FrontThe Scouring of the Spirit … Continue reading Redux: Scouring of the Spirit Wood, Front & Custom Moves

Redux: Tiny Monsters, Go! Bubbilisk

Originally posted on Google+ in July 2016: #6 Bubbilisk (Water Lizard w/ Claws)Bubbilisks are remarkably lightweight TinyMon with broad, webbed feet and long fin-lined tails. They are able, with effort, to stand perfectly still atop ponds and lakes and propel themselves by dipping the tips of their tails in the water. Their leg muscles are … Continue reading Redux: Tiny Monsters, Go! Bubbilisk

Redux: Headspace

Originally posted on Google+ in May 2016: Ran a one-shot game of Headspace with my "Playing Games for Girls" crew last night. Character creation took longer than I would have liked, but we wound up with some very cool characters with some nice tangled up backstories.My wife played *Brooklyn, the Runner*. When *Hieronimus, the Infiltrator* … Continue reading Redux: Headspace