Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master

Two-Step, Sing-Song, Birdy, or Hoodshe doesn't remember her homeland or her people. she scours the land and the skies with only her dead songs to stir the star within her alien heartFeats HeroicGlum: Sing a dirge of solitude and lost memories as your serpentine scarf coils and protectsJovial: Weave loops and patterns with your scarf, … Continue reading Redux: Sing-song, Swords without Master


Redux: Stealing Dreams, Lore Phase

In may of 2014 I entered into a Lore Phase with Epidiah Ravachol's Swords without Master over on Google+. Below is my question, and the answers I received from the spirits (internet comments): By what contrivance might a rogue or four abscond with Dreams made Manifest, without the blessing of the Silent Gods?>The Silent Gods need not always … Continue reading Redux: Stealing Dreams, Lore Phase

Fate of the Federation Cast members

Originally posted to Google+ in 2014: Continuing my Star Trek: Fate of the Federation NPC portraits, I step away from my reoccurring Klingon secondary cast and take a jaunt into one-off (for now) characters. This doodle is Captain Carmella al-Hubari, an example of the elusive (in the canon at least) female starship captain.Captain al-Hubari commands … Continue reading Fate of the Federation Cast members

Redux: Fate of the Federation

Originally posted to Google+ in September 2014: +Lex Starwalker asked me to talk about my Star Trek series that I'm running. So here's some info in general, on starships, on FAE, on crew, and scenarios.GeneralI'm taking a lot of inspiration from Fate of the Alpha Quadrant, a set of guidelines that have mysteriously vanished from the … Continue reading Redux: Fate of the Federation

Redux: Scouring of the Spirit Wood, Front & Custom Moves

Originally posted to Google+ in December 2014: I just wrapped up a Front now that my first game of Dungeon World has been played.Last we left our protagonists, they were fleeing into the Spirit Wood on druid-elkback to escape the Kobold/Lizard-folk legion that had taken Fort Ironwood on the Orc/Halfling border.FrontThe Scouring of the Spirit … Continue reading Redux: Scouring of the Spirit Wood, Front & Custom Moves

Redux: Rivertowne Code, Primetime Adventures

Originally posted to Google+ in February 2015: The Rivertowne Code: Supernatural peacekeepers conceal their community of displaced spirits, gods, and folk-figures from the modern world's scrutiny by enforcing The Code -- a centuries old covenant for maintaining peace, resolving disputes, and preventing harm -- amongst their neighbors in the low-profile ward of Rivertown. Their mission … Continue reading Redux: Rivertowne Code, Primetime Adventures

Redux: Universal Princesses Dimension Drive!

Originally posted to Google+ in February 2017: Was going to be running an Apocalypse World: Dark Ages play-by-post with some friends. Then everyone got very busy with volunteering, protesting, representative-calling, attending city council meetings, and such and the verdict came down to me that -- given everything they're doing in their regular lives -- they … Continue reading Redux: Universal Princesses Dimension Drive!

Redux: Breaking Bread, Custom Move

Originally posted to Google+ in July 2015: A location move I'll be using to represent the church in a religious neighborhood, in a game of 'Hood I'm starting:When you participate in the neighborhood’s ceremonies, break bread, or otherwise make amends with the religious community, roll+Straight. On a hit, you’re in good with the Lord and … Continue reading Redux: Breaking Bread, Custom Move