Redux: Transfiguration Technique

Originally posted to Google+ in May 2016:

Cost: 1 Refresh, Good (+3) Lore, an Aspect relating to Acupuncture or Internal Alchemy or similar
Effect: With hours of work, meditation, and carefully crafted chi exercises, you may roll with Chi to Create a [Cultivated Transformation] Advantage on yourself. This Advantage warps your appearance inside and out using pressure points at the back of your head: bone structure, complexion, height, weight, biological sex, and more are all at your discretion and remain as you say while the advantage (and acupuncture or hair needles) remain in place. While wearing your [Cultivated Transformation], no one will realize your deception without in-depth scrutiny — no compel or declarations required.

You may drop this Advantage at any time by removing whatever implements are maintaining the acupuncture points. However, Transfiguration is only possible by interfering with the natural pooling of chi in the body — when you drop the facade, you immediately take [Unbalanced Chi] as a Minor Consequence if you were disguised for two scenes, a Moderate if you were disguised for three scenes, or a Severe if you were disguised for four scenes. If the disguise was held for more than four scenes, you are immediately Taken Out at the end of the fifth scene by chi sickness and must spend time recovering.”

So, my thoughts on the costs here. The 1 Refresh buys the “use Chi instead of Deceive to make a disguise advantage” stunt, and the Internal Alchemy aspect permits the stunt to do something impossible: actually remold your body. The Good requirement on Lore puts another roadblock to players getting it, so I throw a bone with “no one gets the chance to see through it without intense scrutiny” thing. That’s pretty badass though, so I balance it with the Chi Sickness Consequence thing for prolonged impenetrable deception.


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