Redux: Breaking Bread, Custom Move

Originally posted to Google+ in July 2015:

A location move I’ll be using to represent the church in a religious neighborhood, in a game of ‘Hood I’m starting:

When you participate in the neighborhood’s ceremonies, break bread, or otherwise make amends with the religious community, roll+Straight. On a hit, you’re in good with the Lord and that gets you a free pass; you can remove an NPC from the ‘hood from your payback box. On a 10+, choose one. On a 7-9, choose two.

○ You confess or spill some secrets to the Lord or the powers-that-be, and word travels fast in a small community; mark +1 heat.
○ You are swept up in the ongoing obligations of family, friends, and faith and can’t slip away without upsetting those around you; it eats up a lot of your free time.
○ Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s; mark -1 dough.

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