Situation Burning: “Breaking of the Storm”

The Hanging Tower, written and illustrated by Sam Bosma Years ago, at this point, I read Sam Bosma's excellent comic, The Hanging Tower. It's so very good that it has never left my mind, since - for real, go buy this. You absolutely won't regret it. The wild west-like setting excites me, especially as the … Continue reading Situation Burning: “Breaking of the Storm”


Tome to Table: Godsteel in “The Chalice”

This week I finished reading The Sword, The Ring, and The Chalice, a fantasy trilogy penned by author Deborah Chester; it forms the smaller part of her Mandria/Nether cycle, alongside the four Queen's Gambit novels. I enjoyed this series quite a bit! The lead character, Dain, is the elven heir to the throne of Nether, … Continue reading Tome to Table: Godsteel in “The Chalice”

Redux: Parsec RPG, Cool Tricks with Dice-rolling

This originally appeared on Google+ on January 4 2017: Talking about Parsec again today. Check out my previous post on it if you feel like.So, the resolution method in this game -- like I said -- is: roll a pool of d6 equal to an Attribute, look for numbers equal to or greater than your … Continue reading Redux: Parsec RPG, Cool Tricks with Dice-rolling