Redux: Asha & Beletsunu

I love the John Carter of Mars series of books. Read them to bits when I first discovered them; I found them online, but couldn’t find them in stores or my local library, so I printed out a copy of the first book I found online and for a week I read it on the bus to and from school. It’s only natural, then, that somewhere in that fun and thrilling setting that I would find an eidolon for Epidiah Ravachol’s Swords without Master role-playing game.

Asha & Beletsunu, the lion-sisters
A savage princess on the run, king-slayer, sister of lions

Glum: Silently wrapping her dagger-like fingers around the enemy’s throat and choking the life-breath out of them with the strength of a lion.

Jovial: Throwing herself upon her foes, tearing with her nails and teeth, roaring and gnashing in perfect tandem with her lion-sister, Beletsunu.

Trick: Beletsunu, Lion Sister… Before the Overplayer chooses a new phase, you may demand that it is a Rogues’ Phase and that the Overplayer open it with a request that highlights Beletsunu’s ferocity.

Thuvia, Maid of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs • cover by Robert K. Abbett


2 thoughts on “Redux: Asha & Beletsunu

    1. It seems like it could be a fun idea to mess around with, at least to some degree. Depending on what kind of rogues your fellow players have, I could see some fun come from playing your own Glum&Jovial/Brute&Sneak/etc odd couple.


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