Redux: Tiny Monsters, Go! Amplisaur

Originally posted on Google+ in July 2016: #4 Amplisaur (Electric, Lizard, Shell)The metal ornament on its tail is small when born, and grows larger and more elaborate as the Amplisaur ages and its tail lengthens. Powerful tail muscles hold this lightning rod aloft in lightning storms, channeling the electricity into this TinyMon's battery-like shell. When fully … Continue reading Redux: Tiny Monsters, Go! Amplisaur

Redux: Witchburner

Originally posted on Google+ in October of 2018: I don't recall how exactly I came across this -- I think while googling Burning Wheel stuff, honestly -- but I have been swept up in it. A village suffering under ill omens enlists witch-hunters to root out who among them is practicing the dark arts; it's … Continue reading Redux: Witchburner