Redux: Tiny Monsters, Go! Schnozzer

Originally posted on Google+ in July 2016: #5. Schnozzer (Electric, Dog, Trunk)Schnozzers eyes never see the light of day, hidden as they are beneath thick, silly fur from the day they're born. Instead, they navigate using their oversized muzzles which are sensitive enough to detect disturbances in the earth's electromagnetic field. Schnozzers love to play … Continue reading Redux: Tiny Monsters, Go! Schnozzer


Redux: Uncharted Worlds & Lost in Space

Originally posted to Google+ in April of 2018: I've begun watching the new Lost in Space on Netflix, and I have to say that a few episodes in I am loving how the show is handling making the environment antagonistic to the characters. Not just that, but also how it is highlighting their resourcefulness beyond … Continue reading Redux: Uncharted Worlds & Lost in Space